Are You LinkedIn?

Do you want your LinkedIn account to stand out? An effective LinkedIn profile can make or break your chances of getting that job or internship you desperately want. Recruiters are actively searching for you on; it is important to have a professional profile that effectively portrays your personal brand.

LinkedIn helps professionals build connections and networks. Over 250 million professionals, 3 million companies, and 150 industries use  An individual connects with coworkers, family, and friends; then an individual can view their connections, and their connections’ connections. This opens up huge networks for a professional.


LinkedIn not only connects professional with other professional, but also helps you! LinkedIn helps you build and enhance your professional online presence. It allows you to connect in a meaningful way with alumni, “warm” contacts, and new people. You can research companies and industries that intrigue you. And you can even search for jobs and opportunities within companies that you find interesting.

Here are some statistics that prove that is a valuable tool for ALL professionals, especially you: About 75% of recruiters and hiring managers use social media as part of their hiring process. Of these, 94% use Furthermore, 75% of all jobs are found through networking. When you use LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers search for you just as much as you search for them!


So how can you make your LinkedIn profile effective, unique, and professional? For the general layout of a strong profile, start with the basics. First, add a professional photo of you alone. Create a headline with your current title, value proposition, and career ambitions. Customize this headline to personally fit who you are! In your summary include a keyword-rich summary and description that includes language from target industries and positions. Don’t forget to include a list of groups that represent your affiliations and professional interests!

Next, ask yourself: What do I have to offer? You want to show your talents, passions, and experiences. Include classes and activities that show your strengths. Use industry specific keywords when describing experiences. Upload all the projects you have done (i.e. pictures, powerpoints, and documents). Make sure that your profile contains what you want employers to know about you! If you’re having difficulty figuring out what to include, ask peers, professors, family, and coworkers to describe you in five words. This is how you make yourself stand out!

Once you’ve perfected your LinkedIn profile, upload your email. This will sync your email contacts and show you professionals already using LinkedIn that you know. Connect with them! When connecting, always customize the message: introduce yourself, explain the connection, express your interest, make your request, thank the person, and leave your email. Connect with groups that match your affiliations, career path, and interests. Participate in these groups! Make yourself known! Build your professional online presence!


Are you ready?



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